"Thanks for the reply. I agr..."


by Anton Geraschenko Jan 20 2016 updated Jan 20 2016

Thanks for the reply. I agree that strong Inevitability is unreasonable, and I understand the function of #1 and #2 in disrupting a prior frame of mind which assumes strong Inevitability, but that's not the only alternative to Orthogonality. I'm surprised that the arguments are considered successively stronger arguments in favor of Orthogonality, since #6 basically says "under reasonable hypotheses, Orthogonality may well be false." (I admit that's a skewed reading, but I don't know what the referenced ongoing work looks like, so I'm skipping that bit for now. [Edit: is this "tiling agents"? I'm not familiar with that work, but I can go learn about it.])

The other arguments are interesting commentary, but don't argue that Orthogonality is true for agents we ought to care about.