"**Allow (slightly) more HTM..."


by Eric Bruylant Feb 17 2016 updated Feb 17 2016

Allow (slightly) more HTML

This engine does allow a subset of HTML, but it's extremely limited. This makes some sense for a QA site, but not being able to use either tables or divs will be really annoying for a blog/wiki, and rules out user-created WP style infoboxes, sortable tables of data, and a lot of other things. I imagine you'd need to alter the whitelist to allow the tags (and certain safe attributes?), perhaps ordinary title would check implementation/advise? And for sortable tables you'd need to pick some table sorting .js. Alternatively there are extensions of markdown which allow tables, but that seems likely to be more complex to implement.

There are other tags which would be nice to have access to such as

and , and having audio/video support would be very good for the long term, but these seem less vital to me than something we can use to make tables.


Alexei Andreev

I think it's inevitable that we'll need to build our own editor. I'm not at all sure what that will look like yet, and it'll be a huge undertaking, so for now we are stuck with hacking on top of the current editor.

Eric Bruylant

After discussion, allowing a few pre-defined classes and adding table to the whitelist would capture most of the value of full styleable tables (though in the long term styling would be good, either as an extension of this editor or in our own editor).

Classes should give the ability to create something akin to this and this (preferably including both optional sorting and colored backgrounds with a decent collection of available colors), as well as handling simple infoboxes and image containers (a border and slightly tinted background is fine).