"[@299], did you intend to m..."


by Alexei Andreev May 3 2016

Kevin Clancy, did you intend to make this a blog page (owned by you) as opposed to a wiki page (owned by community)?

Also, it's parented to Math playpen, but should probably be parented to Mathematics or a subtopic of math.


Kevin Clancy

I intended this to be a wiki page. My plan is to gradually develop it into a full fledged tutorial on order theory (which might take awhile). I see that you have invited me to the mathematics domain. Do I need to join this domain somehow?

Alexei Andreev

Sounds good!

The invite text is a bit unclear. You don't need to do anything; you already have the permissions to create/edit pages in math domain.

Kevin Clancy

After another session of using Arbital, I have a few questions and comments.

1.) Is there any mechanism for citations? There probably should be. A lot of what I have written about order theory so far is inspired by Davey and Priestly's Introduction to Lattices and Order. I don't think it's realistic for someone to pull an entire tutorial on a mathematical topic directly out of their brain.

2.) I love the hover-over definition display. It's very convenient for looking up definitions without having to transition to other pages.

3.) It seems that it would be useful to be able embed arbital pages inside of other arbital pages. Here's the motivation. Let's say that I have a definition of poset, much like the one in this order theory tutorial, but in its own page. It's convenient to have short definition pages (like this one) for use with hover-over. However, in this order theory tutorial I don't want to replace the definition of poset with a link, because it's an important part of order theory and there may be other text on this page that refers to it. Yet we still want to give the definition of poset its own page. Right now, it seems that the best way to do this involves redundancy: have two poset definitions, one embedded in the tutorial, and the other on its own page, including essentially the same content. This redundancy does not seem ideal. This feature sounds like it would be a nightmare to implement, but it would be really useful.

Alexei Andreev

  1. Not yet. You can just do footnotes like "[1]" or make them links, like [1]

  2. Great!

  3. Noted! We actually had a feature like it some time ago and are planning to bring it back before long. It's not clear what shape it'll take, but something like it is definitely necessary.

Kevin Clancy

The editor kept automatically scrolling to top when I was trying to edit this page in Firefox just now.

Alexei Andreev

Hmm, can't reproduce. You were on the /edit/ page?

Kevin Clancy

I can't reproduce it either. Maybe it had something to do with the USB keyboard that I was using.

Kevin Clancy

About the citations: what I actually meant was that I want to have a bibliography, so that I can give due credit to any sources that I used to help write this tutorial. I don't want to add a bunch of superscripts into this document.

Alexei Andreev

Ah… May be just put them at the bottom of the page. You an also wrap it in the %%coment%% syntax, so it'll be visible only to authors.