"Ideally we shouldn't have p..."


by Alexei Andreev Apr 1 2015

Ideally we shouldn't have pages like this. It means that the hierarchy feature failed. Is this just meant to be temporary? Or do you foresee this as a permanent page?


Eliezer Yudkowsky

I think one will often still need 'introductory' or 'tutorial' type pages that walk through the hierarchy as English text, but this exact page was something I whipped up during the recent Experimental Research Retreat as an alternative to just dumping the info and because I thought I might start filling it in as Arbital pages.

Anna Salamon

I'm finding this page helpful. Alexei, does your theory think I shouldn't be?

Alexei Andreev

I definitely think something like this should exist and will be helpful, but I think Arbital should be able to generate something like this automatically. Until it can, we are stuck doing it manually.

Expanding all children in the Children tab on the AI alignment page achieves something similar, but not quite as clean.