"Darn it, I wanted to use th..."


by Eliezer Yudkowsky May 16 2016

Darn it, I wanted to use this term to distinguish "not-explictly-consequentialistically optimizing for $~$Y$~$ still optimizes for $~$X$~$ when $~$X$~$ is being varied and is causally relevant to $~$Y$~$" from "having an explicit model of $~$X$~$ being relevant to $~$Y$~$ and therefore explicitly forming goals about $~$X$~$ and searching for strategies that affect $~$X.$~$" (E.g., natural selection does implicit consequentialism, humans do explicit consequentialism.) I'm not sure if I can think of an equally good replacement term for the thing I wanted to say. Would "proxy consequentialism" work for the thing you wanted to say?