"What's with the %% marks? C..."


by Nate Soares May 20 2016

You can leave "todo" markers for yourself or other authors\. For example: \[todo: finish this section\] %%todo: This supports line breaks, but needs to be its own paragraph %% This will not show up on the page in any way\. Red links and "todo" markers count towards the todo score, which you will see next to the pages on the Explore and your Profile pages\.

What's with the %% marks? Can all [square bracket thingies] be turned into percent-demarcated blocks? How do the percent-demarcated blocks work?


Alexei Andreev

It's a totally made up, arbitrary syntax that makes no sense and NEEDS TO GO.

Nate Soares

I mean, I wasn't going to say it myself, but that was my general impression :-p

(I'm also dubious on the single square bracket, though it seems to be working fine at the moment.)