""$ax2+bx+c=0$ will be displ..."


by Regex Rationalist Jun 10 2016 updated Jun 10 2016

"$~$ax2+bx+c=0$~$ will be displayed as: $~$ax2+bx+c=0$~$"

Displays instead of

"S ax^2 + bx + c = 0 S will be displayed as: $~$ax2+bx+c=0$~$"

(Where S = dollar sign, putting commenting syntax ironically duplicates the error.)

The same problem applies to the centered version.

Now, for some reason the editor displays it just fine, but the actual page does not. (At least on my screen.) The same thing occurs with the previewing of comments versus actually publishing the comments.

"Smart links You can quickly link to a page by using '[id]' or, even better, '[alias]' syntax. For example:

<a href="arbital_markdown.html">Arbital Markdown</a> => Arbital Markdown
<a href="arbital_markdown.html">Arbital Markdown</a> => Arbital Markdown"

Is 3w both the alias and the id?


Alexei Andreev

Thanks for bringing this up. The \$ issue is relatively new, since we've been changing the editor a lot recently. The <a href="arbital_markdown.html">Arbital Markdown</a> issue is old, and I've never got around to it.

But both are fixed now! :)