"I love the effect, but I wo..."


by Jaime Sevilla Molina Jun 17 2016

It's a Tesla because you care about the environment almost as much as you care about looking awesome almost as much as you're just obsessed with Elon Musk\. Your mileage is sitting at 0\. The world is your oyster\. At time $~$t \= 0$~$, you put your foot on the accelerator\. For the next few seconds, your mileage will be $~$4.7 t^2$~$, where your mileage is in meters, and $~$t$~$ is in seconds since you pressed your foot on the accelerator\. Now the first question is this: if that equation tells us how many meters we've traveled after how many seconds, how fast are we going at any given point in time?

I love the effect, but I would drop one of the 'as much's for increased lyricism.