"Having a long redlink which does not point anyw..."


by Eric Bruylant Jun 27 2016

The logarithm base $~$b$~$ of a number $~$n,$~$ written $~$\\log\_b(n),$~$ is the answer to the question "how many times do you have to multiply 1 by $~$b$~$ to get $~$n$~$?" For example, $~$\\log\_{10}(100)\=2,$~$ and $~$\\log\_{10}(316) \\approx 2.5,$~$ because $~$316 \\approx$~$ $~$10 \\cdot 10 \\cdot \\sqrt{10},$~$ and multiplying by $~$\\sqrt{10}$~$ corresponds to multiplying by 10 "half a time"\.

Having a long redlink which does not point anywhere seems weird? Does the page it should point to now exist?


Nate Soares

No (and it won't, until someone starts writing good explanations of radicals). I think it's fine to have redlinks to nowhere, when it's not clear yet which page will explain the concept.