"Do the different biases of coin correspond to d..."


by Eric Rogstad Jul 1 2016

Likelihood functions help avoid the decline effect by treating different effect sizes differently\. The likelihood function for coins of different biases shows that the evidence HHHHHT gives a different amount of support to $~$H\_{0.55},$~$ $~$H\_{0.6}$~$, and $~$H\_{0.8}.$~$ If three different studies find low support for $~$H\_{0.5},$~$ and one of them gives all of its support to the large effect, another gives all its support to the medium effect, and the third gives al of its support to the smallest effect, then likelihood functions reveal that something fishy is going on \(because they're all peaked in different places\)\.

Do the different biases of coin correspond to different effect sizes? (E.g. large effect corresponds to H0.8, medium to H0.6, small effect corresponds to H0.55)


Nate Soares