"Are the *other* tags part of the quality scale?..."


by Eric Rogstad Jul 6 2016


Are the other tags part of the quality scale?

When a page has the message, "This page's quality is unknown. Can you add a quality tag?" will adding one of the other tags make that message go away, or only the official quality tags?


Eric Bruylant

Unclear how best to proceed. In particular, I'm unsure about how Proof, List, and Formal definition should interact with the quality scale. It's both bad to give them high-quality tags (they dominate lists of HQ pages, people think they're meant to be good explanations), and bad to give the low-quality (pages which do their job correctly are flagged as needing attention indefinitely). I have some ideas about cheating the tradeoff, bt not distilled yet.

Featured should make the other messages go away, as should WIP and still needs work (replacing message bar). I think Out of date probably should as well.