"I seem to have broken the display by proposing ..."


by Tom Voltz Jul 11 2016 updated Jul 11 2016

I seem to have broken the display by proposing an edit! The meta-level script is showing in some places. I hope that doesn't cause unneeded headaches.

I only wanted to emphasize the difference in notation between a horizontal line ("---", as in relative probabilities) vs. a forward slash ("/", as in probability that something will occur). I could find no misuse of the notation when I re-read the page, but it was a bit confusing for me jumping in at the stage I did (is there an earlier page briefly defining various notation?), since I am accustomed to both these symbols meaning "divided by", which lead me to instinctively calculate a percentage or fraction whenever I see one or the other. This could be an idiosyncrasy of an engineering workplace.