"I find this sentence hard to read. Maybe the pu..."


by Eric Rogstad Jul 18 2016

This overview first covers the Prisoner's Dilemma, one of the classic Newcomblike problems that is basic to game theory and to coordination problems in economics\. It talks about the Prisoner's Dilemma game between two agents that know each other's source code; in order to motivate the next section, which overviews the motivation for the most currently accepted decision theory, and introduces the new notion of 'logical decision theory' or agents that choose as if controlling the logical outputs of their algorithms\. This overview then covers some of the more philosophical arguments that have been brought to bear on what we should consider to be the principle of rational choice, and quickly summarizes some of the pragmatic consequences\. At the end are paths for further reading\.

I find this sentence hard to read. Maybe the punctuation marks are in the wrong places?