Arbital should hide probability/approval votes until the user votes

by Alexei Andreev Nov 27 2016 updated Dec 23 2016

This is to avoid a potential [-anchoring_effect]. Also, presumably the user would be still be able to look at the votes if they want to without casting a vote. It would just have to be manual.


Eric Bruylant

Possibly have it hidden for logged-in users, but shown to logged out users? It'd be good for casual readers to not have added hassle, and they're very likely not going to log in and vote.

Eric Rogstad

Here's another comment.

Mars (person)

It's unclear to me, tbh.

Pro: Less anchoring, thus more accuracy

Con: Makes it slower/harder to interact with the site, and/or to get the information or consensus

Perhaps something like, you don't see it unless you either vote or click "show results"?