"Hits good points, but awkwardly structured / wo..."


by Eric Bruylant Dec 8 2016

In a recent post, Anna Salamon pointed out a hole which Less Wrong used to fill and how its decline affected the rationalist community and discourse\. I agree with all the points she made in her post and, especially: "It is worth seeing whether Less Wrong or some similar such place may be a viable locus again\." Here I will make the case for Arbital being a good, if not the best, "similar such place" contender\.

Hits good points, but awkwardly structured / worded in a few places. I can fix, but would reorganize/rewrite a bunch.

Also worth considering quoting or summarizing one core paragraph, for people who have not read it or want a refresher. Load the things into readers heads :)

Oh, and the greenlink to her post wants a summary.