"Is there any part of Arbital we can put as "hey..."


by Eric Bruylant Dec 8 2016

The software part is going to be challenging as well, because the ultimate feature set is something like a union between Reddit, Wikipedia, StackExchange, and core Facebook\. Thankfully we have three full\-time experienced engineers on board and are surrounded by a community rich with engineering talent\.

Is there any part of Arbital we can put as "hey, want to make this part?" so the community can help push this forward (an external prediction market for bayes points with an API we can use?)? If yes or maybe, maybe saying we're looking into ways to harness devs who want to help out part time?


Alexei Andreev

No. My intention there wasn't to ask for help, and in fact, I'd prefer to be clear that we don't need outside help. Right now we are in no position to absorb it well. Perhaps that part should be rewritten?

Eric Bruylant

Perhaps, it currently feels ambiguous as to whether you're looking to use volunteers, or just saying you've got a good hiring pool.