"Seems ill-fitting with the others, I'd drop thi..."


by Eric Bruylant Dec 9 2016

The community will not require any member to have particular beliefs, but will instead focus on enforcing rules of conduct, especially when it comes to disagreeing\. Nitpicking and disagreeing is encouraged\. 7 When disagreeing, it's a good norm to state your cruxes\. Once a double crux is found, the participants are encouraged to resolve it\. Make bets\. "Strong beliefs, weakly held\." The members are encouraged to break down their opinions into clearly stated claims, which doesn't mean they have to strongly agree with them\. Operationalize the claims to help with more productive disagreement\. Report bugs them instead of exploiting them\.

Seems ill-fitting with the others, I'd drop this entirely. I doubt anyone who would aggressively exploit bugs will be swayed by it.