"soften or remove, especially the word dictate. ..."


by Eric Bruylant Dec 9 2016

Explanation\. This involves standard wiki features with a comprehensive, easily searchable network of knowledge\. The website should also be good at transferring the knowledge into the readers' heads\. Without this part the knowledge is only accumulated in the readers' minds\. If someone wants to catch up on the state of the debate, they either need to get a summary from someone, figure it out as they go along, or catch up by reading the entire discussion\. This makes it hard for everyone, not just newcomers, to join an in\-progress discussion\. 2 Discussion\. Knowledge doesn't precipitate out of thin air\. It comes from discovery and discussion\. Anyone should be able to see the current state of the important debates, see what the most relevant \(counter\-\)arguments are, and what best predictors are thinking\. The platform should make it easy to find the one place where the discussion on a particular topic should happen\. Without any discussion, the platform would only represent the settled parts of the accumulated knowledge\. That would make a great reference, but not a place you would go to for the latest info or to collaborate on figuring out the right answers\. There is also no chance for such a website to dictate the course of the ongoing research or debate\. If the debate is not centralized, you end up with the current problem, where a particular debate happens in dozens of places, but each place only captures different sparse subsets of the relevant claims\. If those discussions were aggregated \(or never separate in the first place\), one could hope for a fuller coverage, making it easier to spot and fill the missing parts\. Community\. How do you start a community that has a high value of X and help it grow, while preserving the high value of X? For AI safety X equals rationality\. For Wikipedia X equals "neutral point of view, notable information, and verifiable facts"\. For many other communities it's something looser and broader, like "good vibes and accurate information"\. Without an empowered admin class, every community faces Eternal September\. Without an empowered expert class, the quality of the content goes down\. With an admin class gone too far, you could end up with stifling bureaucracy and deletionism\. With an expert class gone too far, you sometimes end up with too much elitism and a hostile atmosphere\.

soften or remove, especially the word dictate. facilitate perhaps?