"Perhaps this could be all in a note, with the o..."


by Eric Bruylant Dec 9 2016

Most importantly, we have a really good team: Alexei Andreev, Eric Rogstad, Stephanie Zolayvar, Eric Bruylant, and support from some excellent advisers: Eliezer Yudkowsky3 and Anna Salamon4\. We have raised a modest pre\-seed round in 2016, all from individual rationalist / EA angel investors, which should last us for a bit while we grow the platform to secure future funding\. 5

Perhaps this could be all in a note, with the only default-viewable thing saying we're financially stable? Unsure about this one, but my guess is the average reader does not care about the details too much.

The current note feels kinda startup-pitchy, which is probably not a good look here.