Displaying the list of fundraiser donors sorted by the donation date would help with the "wait and see" problem.


by Alexei Andreev Dec 16 2016


Malcolm Ocean

This seems like it would be interesting to do an experiment with, maybe with people betting on what would happen? We'd of course have to spec out the terms of the bet…

Alexei Andreev

I think if one was to attempt it, it would be important to get the messaging right. If you just did it without saying anything, my guess is that it would have little effect. But making it widely know that you are doing this and saying something along the lines of "show your pride in and support for the organization by donating early," while also explaining the reasoning and the problem, I think should work better.

Patrick LaVictoire

I'd agree more strongly if it had a couple of fixes for obvious problems, so I proposed some.

Problem: Some people don't want to have it be public that they donated, or how much.

Problem: Scale of donations matters as well as timing; we don't want to just incentivize a bunch of $1 donations on the first day.