Comments are a high-quality, high-sensitivity measure of engagement with little in the way of viable substitutes.

by Stephanie Zolayvar Dec 21 2016 updated Dec 23 2016

Source of claim: Improve comments by tagging claims by Benjamin Hoffman


Alexei Andreev

Likes work as substitutes. More granular likes and more variety of expressions (ala FB reactions) works too. Making polls at the end of the post asking people questions like "DId this convince you about X?" might work too.

Nathan Helm-Burger

I would like to clarify my slight disagreement with Stephanie Zolayvar. I think that high-quality comments which offer substantial new support or valid new critique are both valuable for helping ideas/conversations progress, but lower quality or redundant comments can be easily replaced by a system of something like: having a button beneath each post and each comment that says "I affirm that I have carefully and completely read this." Clicking that button would add to the "read by" counter of the post/comment. Once clicked, the button would turn into a simple poll: "I believe this post/comment to be of good quality" (yes, no, shrug), "I agree with this post/comment" (yes/no/shrug). The gradient bar offered above could also be used for these responses. Important additional note which applies to current format of Arbital: Claim: It is important that the responses of others be made visible to non-moderator-users only AFTER said user has made their response. (Premise: this will maximise the independant sampling of community opinion and thus improve quality of resulting feedback.)