A clarification period for claims is net positive for Arbital


by Eric Bruylant Dec 23 2016

Example pros: Claims are more carefully defined and less ambiguous, less wrong questions visible

Example cons: The delay is annoying (with delay on marks), mutability of claims breaks expectations and is abusable (if author can edit), proliferates variants of a claim (if author can replace with new version)


Andrea Gallagher

I would rather a claim is always in a clarification period. If a claim can't be modified or varied, what are the possible ends of a claim?

It strikes me that forcing claims to freeze instantly HAS to create a sea of variants, as people manage to hash out what a claim means and the arguments for and against.

I don't think there's a binary choice between either a multiverse of claims, or single claims that are so malleable that they aren't trusted. Is there a functional way of gradually ossifying a claim as it becomes clear? Of flagging unexpected changes? Of altering people's votes if the claim changes enough to shift their agreements?