"I'm not sure what you mean about an exchange ra..."


by Eric Rogstad Jan 3 2017

Self\-knowledge\. Individuals should decide to help an organization working on X by estimating their impact there\. Donor\-independence\. Donors should refrain from telling executives how to trade off between the success of X and Y\. Pareto improvement\. When organizations trade off between X and Y, they should do so at a similar exchange rate\.

I'm not sure what you mean about an exchange rate. Isn't a Pareto improvement something that makes everyone better off (or rather: someone better off and no one worse off)?


Ryan Carey

Say we value article views and user signups. If I'm taking actions that achieve n views for each lost signup and you're taking actions that achieve m signups per lost view, where m < 1/n, then we could get a pareto improvement by doing less of both of these things.