"Making a page and greenlinking to it (with comm..."


by Eric Bruylant Jan 15 2017

Making a page and greenlinking to it (with comments / edits / splits available) seems fine to me?


Andrea Gallagher

Sounds right, but this "page" you speak of is new to me. I assume it's the base structure of the math explanation incarnation of Arbital, and could be brought back to the surface to make it more discoverable. I see value in having a feed/domain/repository just of terms, so they can be explored differently than you would a claim or a post.

Also, what are splits?

Did you know that XX% of user requests are for features that already exist that users can't find? :-)

Eric Bruylant

Yep, that is what I meant. Create new page is less exposed now we've moved the Arbital math home. It's accessible via the hamburger menu in the top right still, and you can link to it like this, but that's not particularly easy to find. I'm pretty sure we'll want to improve that, and generally make it easier to navigate between the wiki and discussion areas of Arbital.

Yep, I think when we've got good support for browsing by tag we'll be able to tag things with #term or #definition, and it'll work?

By splits I just meant if people disagree they could make alternate terms, maybe crosslinking with "maybe you want this term"? No special features.

Andrea Gallagher

Let me experiment with using a Page for this purpose, and see what seems like it's missing.

I think Jim's suggestions below are good:

Eric Bruylant

Seems like greenlinking to the term gets you that, minus auto-suggest which seems like it'd get unwieldy as we expand to lots of topics?