"I think "[psychological safety](https://en.wiki..."


by Konrad Seifert Feb 16 2017

\(Security\) scout the area before deciding on a location, look for crime indicators, and have a good alarm system \(Community\) have regular gatherings where \(almost\) everyone is present \(Intimacy\) establish a culture of openness and nonjudgment \(Privacy\) have spaces where one must be quiet \(meditation rooms?\) \(Status\) have explicit rounds of appreciation and \(somewhat covertly\) make sure everyone gets a turn

I think "psychological safety", which this point seemingly implies, should be an entire model for itself. It's a rather complex issue because what works for one person, might not be necessary/sufficient for another due to different experiences, cultural backgrounds etc.


Konrad Seifert

I guess this is the step between physical safety and self-actualisation?