"FWIW, I think that EA's limits are useful. A lo..."


by Konrad Seifert Mar 15 2017

FWIW, I think that EA's limits are useful. A lot of people seem to get "too creative" with trying to find new ways to do things, yet lack required tools and then get stuck in/on their idea - which wouldn't happen with the right mind-ware. EA also only initially stifles creativity because it's hard to get through all of the content and learn all the tools - once one is starting to master the art though, it looks like creativity is not discouraged. People who are truly skilled seem to feel like they can speak out and up. So in a way, yes, the movement does put a dent into the creative development of development but I believe that those effects are temporary and worth it because they will eventually enable us to better aim for the tail of the distribution and exploit power laws to make it heavy.