"More explanation as how to calculate average ve..."


by Harun Rashid Anver Apr 29 2017

"Okay," says Galileo\. "I measured this tower to be 45 meters tall\. Now, if air resistance is 0, after 3 seconds the ball should be moving downward at a speed of 9\.8 \* 3 = 29\.4 meters per second\. That speed increases continuously over the 3 seconds, so the ball's average speed will have been 29\.4 / 2 = 14\.7 meters per second\. And if the ball moves at an average speed of 14\.7 meters per second, for 3 seconds, it will travel downward 44\.1 meters\. So the ball should take just a little more than 3 seconds to fall 45 meters\. Like, an additional 1/29th of a second or so\."

More explanation as how to calculate average velocity?