"Personal vs Global CEV could also be mentioned ..."


by Robert Peetsalu Oct 10 2017 updated Oct 10 2017

Personal vs Global CEV could also be mentioned here.

Upon reading the ideal advisor theories paper an idea came to mind about how to protect CEV from Sobel's fourth objection where the ideal adviser recommends actions that would lead to death because it knows that its original self would want to commit suicide after seeing how inferior and hopeless their life is compared to a perfect self. If we limit the "better version of ourselves" to only have superior knowledge and skills and nothing that we couldn't obtain if we had enough time and resources, then it wouldn't view us as disabled or hopeless, only misinformed. Hence there would be a way out and the perfectly informed self would also know all the ways to improve the situation. So it wouldn't recommend mercy death, unless the original self already had suicidal tendencies. What a nice topic to discuss =P