"In this page, the terms "probability" and "odds..."


by Dewi Morgan Sep 25 2018

First, when $~$X$~$ is a proposition, $~$\\mathbb P(X)$~$ will stand for the probability of $~$X.$~$

In this page, the terms "probability" and "odds" are used in the statistical sense of "In the classical and canonical representation of probability, 0 expresses absolute incredulity, and 1 expresses absolute credulity." (from the linked definition) and "odds are a ratio of desired outcomes vs the field" (has no linked definition, I'm just wildly guessing based on context).

Explaining this distinction clearly at the outset for non-statistically trained users, may be worthwhile.

Explaining what is meant by odds, on this page about them, may be worthwhile.

It may also be confusing to a new reader, who has just read a linked definition which explains that probabilities are expressed as a number from 0 to 1, to see it expressed in the very same paragraph (and elsewhere on the page) as a percentage instead. I feel that this is a lack in the definition, though, rather than a problematic inconsistency on the page: I find the expression both as 0-1 and 0%-100% meant I looked at the problem from both points of view, and so felt it had a firmer grasp on the concepts.