Arbital groups

by Alexei Andreev Oct 10 2015 updated Dec 14 2015

What are groups? How can I create a new group?

A group is a collection of users and groups. They are used to control who can see, act, or edit a page.

There are essentially three kinds of groups:
Personal group: this is a group that's automatically generated for each user. Typically its alias is based on the user's name: "Firstname_Lastname".
Custom group: this is a manually created group where the group's admins can control who belongs to the group and what actions they can perform.
Everyone: this is a group that everyone belongs to.

To see what groups you belong to, visit the Your Groups page.

Creating a new custom group

Right now there is no way to create a new custom group yourself. Please ask one of the Arbital admins to do it for you.

Managing a custom group

Each member of a group can perform certain actions: