Arbital query

by Alexei Andreev Apr 25 2016

What is a query? How to create it? How to resolve it?

When a reader has a specific question or objection, they can click on the "New question/objection" button to create a query mark. As they type the text of their question/objection, Arbital will dynamically match it with possible answers. If none of those answers work, the reader can submit their query, and Arbital will notify the page authors. Just like with all marks, the reader's name won't be shown, but the authors will be able to see a snapshot of the user's requisites.

A few examples:

Resolving a query

There are several ways to resolve a query:

  1. Edit the page. A few ways to do this:
  1. Connect the query to a new or existing question.
  1. Dismiss the query if it's nonsensical.

If you aren't sure what to do, just leave the query for other authors to fix.