Arbital examplar pages

by Eric Bruylant Aug 8 2016 updated Oct 24 2016

Exemplar pages on Arbital.

This page collects great pages from across Arbital, to give authors ideas about how to structure and write more pages which include their good characteristics. As always on Arbital, don't feel bound by any specific format, and do feel free to try new things if you think it'd help your audience. Mine these for ideas, consider and [arbital_listen_audience listen to] your audience, experiment, but above all do what works.


A fun, well-explained math 0/1 explanation of derivatives.

Uncountability: Intuitive Intro

A great example of writing an intuitive explanation for a Math 0 audience.

Partially ordered set

An exemplary Math 2 page defining a poset and explaining various tightly related concepts, in a relatively notation-heavy way.

Rice's Theorem

Another great Math 2 page, this time using more descriptions.


This is an excellent Disambiguation page.