A $1 donation to a top animal charity alleviates more suffering than is caused by a day of eating meat.


by Eric Rogstad Jan 16 2017

For the purposes of this claim, top animal welfare charities include:

(As recommended by Lewis Bollard of the Open Philanthropy Project.)


Eric Rogstad

For reference, Lewis Bollard estimates that recent corporate cage-free campaigns "will spare about 250 hens a year of cage confinement per dollar spent."

lahwran -

I cannot evaluate this claim in full generality, but I entered my estimate based on my current estimation of the mentioned charities.

Jim Babcock

This is probably true if you limit the consideration to animal suffering or weight animal suffering highly, but I'd like a bit more analysis of the effects of animal charities on humans. As someone who doesn't care about animal welfare very much, I worry about the effect animal charity outreach is having on peoples' nutrition and epistemics surrounding nutrition, which I see as both a high-leverage opportunity to do good and a high-leverage opportunity to do harm that the EA community hasn't adequately discussed.