Early-life planning


by Ben Pace Mar 16 2017 updated Mar 16 2017

How do you figure out what to do at the beginning of your life?

Suppose we discretise your life; say you have ~3 periods per year of Deep Work, where you can make significant progress on a project. That's 60 tokens of project-time in your first 20 years. Then how to spend these token? Which projects will teach you about the world, and which will give you the ability to change the world once you've picked more concrete goals?

I've mostly thought about the first few moves one ought to take. I think these differ from later ones, in that the first few tokens should largely be spent on multipliers for later tokens, followed by gradually spending them more on actually changing the world.

Here are the two key pieces for figuring out what projects to work on.

Also, see open questions in life-planning for parts of the problem I've not dealt with yet.