Eliezer office hours 2016-04-19


by Eric Rogstad Apr 19 2016 updated Apr 20 2016

Steph's notes from the actual meeting:

Questions for Eliezer

Alexei Andreev, Stephanie Zolayvar: please add questions here. We should make sure to include UI issues that we need to talk to EY about.

Feature Questions

Q: Clarify Qs&A

Q: Steph question on Trust / Karma

Q: Steph question on Domains

Short-term Plan Questions

Q: Should we have private groups?

Q: Which math vertical first?

Discussion of Strategy

Q: Why are we starting with Explanations?

Q: More generally, which parts of the plan are fixed, and which are variable?

Q: What is the strategic purpose of Arbital? How does it fit into the plan to save the world?


Q: What does a discussion of which EA cause to donate to look like?