Eliezer office hours 2016-05-07


by Eric Rogstad May 7 2016 updated May 7 2016

Questions for Eliezer


Q: What does a discussion of which EA cause to donate to look like? Or what will a discussion between economists look like? (user story for Arbital the Salon)

Front page

Q: How should the front page look?

Q: How are writers going to know what to write? Are we relying on people coming with ideas, or are we capturing "requests" somehow?


Q: Let's review the writer-reader feedback cycle

Q: How do updates like "L people liked your thing" and "N people learned from your page appear"? What about updates like "5 people were confused by this sentence"?

Q: Is XP part of the MFP for the beta?

Comments and queries

Q: Can we bury the comment feature behind the other ways we'd like people to interact with the page (marks)? Otherwise people might only use the comments.


Stephanie Zolayvar

My notes from this meeting: https://workflowy.com/#/93473ece4410

Eric Rogstad

Whiteboard pics: https://plus.google.com/collection/kgEJNB

Eric Rogstad

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