by Nate Soares May 28 2016 updated Jun 7 2016

Trinary digit

[summary: The trinary analog of the Bit. Depending on the context, a trit can mean any of the following things:

  1. Abstract trit: one thing from a set of three
  2. Trit of data: the amount of data carried by an object that can be put into three states
  3. Trit of information: $~$\log_2(3) \approx 1.58$~$ Sh of information
  4. Trit of evidence: $~$3:1$~$ evidence in favor of a specific hypothesis]

A trit is the trinary analog of the Bit: Where a bit says 2, a trit says 3. "Trit," like "bit," is overloaded:

"Trit" is a portmanteau of "trinary digit."