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  text: 'Does it have to be (1) and (2)?  My impression is that either one should be sufficient to count - I guess unless they turn out to be isomorphic, but naively I'd expect there to be edge cases with just one or the other.\r  \nGosh this is just like reading the sequences, in the sense that I'm quite confused about what order to read things in.  Currently defaulting to reading in the order on the VA list page\r  \nMy guess why not to use a mathy definition at this point: because we don't want to undershoot when these protocols should be in effect.  If that were the only concern though presumably we could just list several sufficient conditions and note that it isn't an exhaustive list.  I don't see that, so maybe I'm missing something.\r  \nAre stock prices predictably under/over estimates on longer time horizons?  I don't think I knew that.\r  \nI guess all the brackets are future-hyperlinks?\r  \nSo an advanced agent doesn't need to be very "smart" necessarily; advanced just means "can impact the world a lot"\r  \nI'm guessing instrumental efficiency means that we can't predict it making choices less-smart-than-us in a systematic way?  Or something like that\r  \nOh good, cognitive uncontainability was one of the ones I could least guess what it meant from the list [ hmm, also cross-domain consequentialism].  \r  \nI don't remember what Vingean unpredictability is.  [ hmm, it seems to be hard to google. I know I've listened to people talk about Vingean reflection, but I didn't really understand it enough for it to stick].  Ok, googling Vingean reflection gets me "ensuring that the initial agent's reasoning about its future versions is reliable, even if these future versions are far more intelligent than the current reasoner" from a MIRI abstract.  (more generally, reasoning about agents that are more intelligent than you).  So Vingean unpredictability would be that you can't perfectly predict the actions of an agent that's more intelligent than you?',
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