"Can you explain what you mean by "correct credi..."


by Travis Rivera Dec 19 2016

Can you explain what you mean by "correct credit-tracking" and "new good ideas"?


Alexei Andreev

Anna might have different definitions, but here are mine:

correct credit-tracking

Basically, there is usually one (or a few) strong proponents of an idea when it's first voiced. Those proponents (or someone who picks it up) does a lot of work to explain and popularize that idea. All those people deserve credit, because sometimes other people come and take those ideas and present as basically their own / ideas they just found around.

new good ideas

Ideas that are still correct. For example, that AI safety is important and highly under-prioritized.

Travis Rivera

I see, so it's more of a "Who said it first" kind of tracking rather than a reputation system like loan credit.

That will incentivize useful ideas. Might also weakly incentivize the generation of ideas that contain no information whatsoever (not unlike the library of babel.) I would guess credit-tracking would be a useful tool for a human to gauge where an idea might originate but would probably take some extra components to make it a correct credit-tracker without opening it up to be gamed for some kind of profit (or status/incentive/ect). So I guess I agree with the claim.