Geneva Macro Labs

by Geneva Macro Labs Mar 31 2017 updated Aug 2 2017

Leveraging the collective intelligence of Geneva and surroundings to solve the world's biggest problems.

We want to leverage Lake Geneva's collective intelligence with you to shape international coordination.%note: With Lausanne and Geneva, the Lake Geneva region is the right place to start influencing global dynamics by leveraging a key community. You are part of this project's audience if (a) you are in the region and motivated to contribute to improving the world or policy making or (b) if you are interested in contributing your expertise online.% Geneva Macro Labs (GeM Labs) offers an innovative community and platform to identify, develop and advance promising solutions to the world's most crucial problems.


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GeM Labs Overview

Prioritising key issues

Global coordination has never been more crucial, yet it seems out of reach. Mass unemployment, migration, existential risks, failing governance – we are facing difficult times and daunting challenges. We, therefore, need to explore innovative ways of building up global cooperation and filter out the most promising ones to work on.

Open innovation and expertise

Currently, experts and their insights are often pitched to a public whom the internet has empowered to voice strong opinions, underrating extensive experience and research. However, if we want to continue to live in a thriving society, we need to count on the acquired expertise and evidence of many small groups from different sectors. Yet, we are lacking the proper pipelines for these groups to collectively build up policies from scratch, as well as to translate their expertise for the laymen. Such efforts have to become standard practice. With your help, GeM Labs can become this pipeline, fostering collaboration among the private sector, academia, non-profits and policy makers to demonstrate the value of expert driven collaboration and set new standards in open innovation.

Keys to success

GeM Labs is characterised by a unique and solution driven framework of principles to achieve its vision. Our Charter, laid down following key principles of effective altruism and elaborated with international experts, outlines how we will drive the platform’s focus to solve problems

To further drive success, we are actively seeking out unconditional financial support, as well as partnerships to increase network effects, visibility and spread crucial information across all possible channels.

Attaining solutions

Every six months, we will treat a different, burning issue of global and future importance. Among the current potential topics are geoengineering, migration and the development of artificial intelligence.

The minimum outcome is the publication of our aggregated knowledge as a white paper detailing conclusions and concrete next steps to drive action.

Each cycle will consist of three different activities:

The dissemination of the bundled wisdom and our proposed solutions will be achieved through traditional, digital and social media, international organisations, other think tanks and direct correspondence with leading decision makers.