Path to Acceleration

by Eric Bruylant Jan 10 2017 updated Mar 17 2017

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So, you know why we're doing this and what we're aiming for, a natural next question is how do we get there? There's still a huge amount of detail to fill in, but the rough plan is something like this.


February - May

General organization, community building, location research. Eric in SF making contacts, sharing/improving models, and learning. Public meetup on March 25th at the MIRI/CFAR office.

June 17th-24th

Gathering of interested people in the UK. See how group interacts, learn from each other, share models, and double crux a bunch. Sign up!


Decide country. Upgrade online infrastructure (switch to Slack or similar, make website cool, make resources and systems legible). Create detailed survey and pick core founding team, give key responsibilities. Have regular contact between team, work out . Start process of setting up legal entity. Condense plans, goals, lessons learned, creating different tiers of what we can do with different funding levels. With plan in hand, talk to potential funders, find out seed budget.


Move core team to temporary accommodation (not certain, may go directly to actual location). Find and buy location, move in. Do object level work on making the place awesome, but with focus on meta level of making the culture awesome and working well as a team. Have awesome people visit and guide (e.g. plenty of contact with CFAR).

Starting up

Start to take temporary residents, gradually ramping up as we learn and become established.