Accelerator Project

by Eric Bruylant Nov 23 2016 updated Mar 27 2017

The Accelerator Project aims to create a low-cost environment which facilitates rapid personal growth, allowing high-potential individuals become more stable, productive, better networked, and generally more capable of improving the world over a period of a few months.

Think a three month CFAR workshop as the starting point. We'll be bit less intense, even more p2p with later residents sharing ideas and figuring things out together, mixed with object level work so you learn the techniques in-situ as they're needed rather than as a package, part of a community of practice, emphasis on forming deep friendships / tribes, and a bunch of other stuff which seems to work well when we try it.

There will be long-term residents, hosted projects, and there are plans to seed a larger ecosystem, host other projects, etc, but the initial form of the thing will be focused around the accelerator.

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You may be looking for the project to pick a less expensive city and get people to move there.