Needs splitting by mastery

by Eric Bruylant Aug 7 2016 updated Aug 8 2016

This page seems to serve multiple different mastery levels, and may benefit from being split into separate lenses.

Readers who come to Arbital pages with different levels of mathematical background require different pages to explain the same concept. Sometimes a page is written in a way that seems to cater for multiple audiences (e.g. having a careful wordy explanation designed for people with little background, then throwing out formulas and proofs that could only be followed by someone with much more background). In these cases, it's often best to split the page into multiple lenses, designed for different math level audiences.


Alexei Andreev

This should probably be re-titled to "Needs splitting by mastery" or something. "Needs splitting by audience" would be a tag for a page that should be split to explain a topic to people with different backgrounds, e.g. philosophers, computer scientists, economists.